What We Offer

BlueMoon’s All-In Wedding Package



Package Inclusion:

Two – way buffet & special service for VIP

By our partnered food caterer


Selection from a wide array of dishes

 1 appetizer, 1 soup, 1 salad, 1 pasta, 4 main courses, 1 dessert (of your choice)


Free flowing drinks (one type of your choice)

Scheduled food tasting for two (2) person


Customizable Event Design Set- up


Over-all Venue Design

  1. Regular Tables & VIP Table (30 pax)
    (round/rectangular, regular/wooden)
  2. Chairs
    (Tiffany/Wooden) Colours: White, Champagne Gold, Silver
  3. Choice of Theme
    Ex: (rustic: shabby chic, woodland, country/ simple but elegant)
    Note: Every event in our venue differs from one another. We give an identity on the design for ever event.
    – we base our us of flowers. Linen/table cloth, design stuff on the theme. (Customizable) *All w/ no additional charges
  4. Additional Stations
    Ex: (separate station design for “beverage station/salad station/dessert station”) *all with no additional charges.
  5. Other Designing Stuff
    Ex: hanging lights, string lights (walkway/stage), etc. (all w/ no additional charges)
  6. Other Stuff
    – Dove Cage w/ Couple Dove
    – Customizable Three- Layered Cake (Fondant/Icing)
    – Complimentary Wine for the Couple
    – Extra “Signages” for ex: “Mr.&Mrs. Bear, Come this way”, etc.


Lights & Sounds System

  • White Screen for the Projector
  • Projector
  • 4pcs. 15 inch powered speakers
  • Mixer/E.Q./processor, etc..
  • 8 pcs. Par Led Lights 3 watts
  • DMX controller
  • Stand & Cables
  • Fog or Bubble Machine (of your choice)
  • Audio Player
  • Laptop
  • Spotlight (good for focusing the light on the couple)
  • Microphones (if needed), any # of mics will do. *no additional charge
    (we could set up a space with mics w/ stand needed for band or acoustic performing in the event) *no additional charges



For 100 guests: Php 195,000.00,  Php 1,950/guest
For 150 guests: Php 270,000.00,  Php 1,800/guest
For 200 guests: Php 340,000.00,  Php 1,700/guest
For 250 guests: Php 400,000.00,  Php 1,600/guest
For 300 guests: Php 450,000.00,  Php 1,500/guest
For 350 guests: Php 490,000.00,  Php 1,400/guest


We also provide other services with corresponding rates such as: Tent Rental


Venue rental only: Php 100,000.00

  • 5 hours use of the venue
  • Parking space (40-50 cars)
  • Air-conditioned restroom separated for men and women
  • Romantic ambience of the venue
  • Covered Buffet Area
  • Air-Conditioned Lounge Area
  • Prenup shoot in the venue (3 hours)


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